02 September 2011

(August 28) Rotary Weekend

the citadel of HUY.

next morning.
Go to Huy (pronounced “wee” just like “oui”) and learn the rules.  Meet the heads of district 1630, and then have a soiree with all the exchange students.  And of course every rotary function has to have a scandal.  Anyway, stay the night, next morning more rules, lunch, more presentation, and then a member of the Club de Seraing took me out to a club get together at a bar way out in the country on a horse farm for jumpers!  Everyone was super nice, and the country was beautiful.  As well as the food!  Lots of salad and that sort of thing with an entire barbecued pig.  I spent the whole evening with the president, and there were Rotoract young adults at the table with me as well.  The president is very nice and he also gave me a ride home.  Superbon weekend.
view of Huy outside my dorm window.

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