02 September 2011

Sep 1 (finally caught up! For now)

I still can't get over how cool the Guillemins station in Liege is!
I'll probably have a picture every time I go.

May I never be too proud to try to say something in French.  
Spent the day in Ghent with my host sister after signing the lease for her student apartment.  She’s spending the year studying Flemminsh in Ghent.   Fortunately most people speak French too.  We did get lost, becasuse the streets are really poorly marked, but public transport is great, and it’s a beautiful city anyway.  Again, just pretend it's a Tumblr.
Ghent in English.  Gand in French.  Gent in Neerlandais.

She explained to me that it is as beautiful as Brugges, except
more vibrant because it's a college town, not a tourist town.

There are 3 cathedrals,

and several squares like this with the pretty rooflines.

The belfry (as seen 2 pictures above)

Totally the best of the 3.

I also really love the tram wires.

I thought we were in Universal Harry Potter world for a second.

I'm not really sure why this is significant, but I know it is.

It's definitely a post-card city.

The middle age-d Chateau in the city, which was
 preserved over the last 200 years and now you can tour the inside!

View from the top

and inside

We went into 2 cathedrals, and I was gaga for the architecture,
 and the orgues

We were only allowed to take pictures in the smaller of the 2 we saw.
(the other one was even better!)  Straight up.
and one last cathedral on the way out of town

There are 3 or 4 canals that go through the city.  And we were SO lucky to be there on a BEAUTIFUL day!  It was great fun!

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