21 September 2011

Sep 21

     I went to bed comparatively early last night!  On the way to school this morning, I could tell it would be a good day for my French, and indeed it was quite a good day for my language skills!  I just said everything that popped into my head, and I found ways to say it.  It didn't always work, and I spoke a lot of nonsense, but I was kindof giddy anyway, so it didn't bother me, and I know that that is exactly what one must do to learn.  So that was good progress.  I was giddy because I had plans to go into Liege and meet with some friends, and I LOVE going to Liege!
    I ended up going to my friend in Flèmale's house and watching the Glee season 3 premier!  The episode was kindof a disappointment, but at least I got into Liege (to get some money out, and just look around).
     I continuously ask the question "am I hungry? I can't tell!"  I could eat anything at any time; I'm really not picky.  But I'm also not ACTUALLY hungry every time I think of food, and in the interest of not gaining excessive weight right at the beginning, I try not to eat too much junk and stuff.  Not to mention, I always want to buy stuff like waffles and boulangerie products because everything is so great!  But that means spending money.  So, no, wait, I can eat at home.  And I like the food at home a lot, so no problems there.
    My host mom is out at a cooking class that she goes to one Wednesday per month in the next town over, Neupré.  My host dad is in Namur again with the echasseurs.  She taught me how to use the microwave, and showed me where the ice cream is!  I'm really content right now.

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