24 September 2011

Saturday 25/9: SHOPPING/Piece avec le Rotary

10:30 in the sunny city!

Looking up Boulevard D'Avroy and Boulevard de la Sauvenière.
There's a church up there.

Palais des Princes-Évêques from Place Saint Lambert
    Okay I went a little overboard with pictures on this one.  I just could not get over how gorgeous a day it was today.
     This morning I actually set an alarm to wake up on a Saturday.  I slept through it every time, but I always woke up right after I turned it off in my sleep.  It was bizarre.  But the reason I set the alarm is so that I could rise before my host mom left for her yoga class so that she might drive me into Liege!  And so, we left at 10:10 for Liege.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  I wore my shorts for the first time in a while!  High of about 70.  I walked around Liege center and tried to memorize street names and get to know it better!  I explored a mall, and  tried to get lost, but I didn't get far enough away.  Always invigorating.
Didn't have time for my morning café, so I had some at
 les Galleries.  The sun sure was amazing.  And so was my
chocolate mousse, there!

Place Saint Lambert facing le Perron. 

Les Galleries St-Lambert
What's shopping without trying on hats!?
    Then I met up with Charlotte, who comes often to Liège, and did some SHOPPING!!! It was so much fun!  We went to H&M and exchanged a jacket and a pair of jeans for the next size up, and I bought a sweatshirt that I can wear with stuff that is really thick and soft and burgundy, or "bordeaux" in French.  We looked in several other stores, but, trying to stay money conscious, I just bought a pair of Spongebob socks.
this one IS my photo.
    After we finished our shopping for the day, we went to the montagne de Bureun to eat the tartine I had packed (just like the tartine I pack for school) and drink the coke we bought at McDonalds.  It was sunny and hot and a large group of Flemmish tourists came through.  Then Charlotte showed me un coteaux de la citadel, which is basically secret walking trails in the woods up on the mountain where there used to be a vineyard and really old Liège history.  It is so beautiful!  and the weather was perfect!  Charlotte likes photography, and les coteaux have some of her favorite subjects.
One could never tell that the city is right through the trees
on my right!
    We found our way back to the rendez-vous point and I got picked up by my host mother and Fanny, leaving Charlotte to finish her day in Liège, and came home to prepare for tonight's soiree with the Rotary!
I love sweet graffiti.
Dressed for the night at the theatre.
    The president of my host club invited me to come to the theatre to see a play that the Rotary club sponsored to have benefits go toward Polio Plus.  "Le dîner de cons" is a play that is based on a movie that is based on a play.  The American take on the story was made into the movie "Dinner for Schmucks" with Steve Carell.  The president also asked me and the other exchange student in club de Seraing, Santi, from Argentina, to read a little bit about the program Polio Plus to the audience.  I'd been practicing all week the numbers, and dates and the really hard words like "acheminement" with my host family.  It turned out well and I wasn't too nervous even though there were more or less than 400 audience members there!  That's a product of theatre experience, but mostly of the attitude one acquires on exchange.  No nerves, lots of mistakes, mutual understanding, full-participation.  It was good for me.
Voici the cast I saw tonight!  From the internet was this taken.
     The play I did not understand word for word, but I got several of the jokes, and there were many.  I even basically got the story as well.  Quite a comic show, with excellent acting to boot.  I've never heard the "vous" form used so many times in 2 hours!  After the show, the Rotarians met and gret (that's how that should be conjugated) the other patrons and the actors, and all had drinks.  Everyone was very kind, and the people in my club were very nice to me, and gave me contact information and offered help enough to put my mind at ease... for the moment.  They even gave me my bank card for my Rotary allowance!  Hopefully I'll figure out how to put some of my own money into that so I can use a card here without having to pay conversion fees.  Very fun night, indeed!
    A Rotarian who lives near me dropped me off at home at 12:45 and then I snacked.  and now I'm going to bed.
Snacked on tartine with Kwatta (that's choco on my cheek) and Kiwi

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