07 September 2011

Sep 7. First day of school/ Mine de Blegny

I had so much fun!  There is a guy that I met at Martin Vanrykels’ party in my class, and I had no having the courage to go up to random people and try to speak with them.  There are 5 exchange students at school with me, and 2 in my class with me, but I was the only one who made Belgian friends today!  Even though it doesn’t really count as a school day because it was just 2 hours, one of intro-speech to the seniors, and then 1 of giving out schedules in the classes.  I was quite happy.
Afterwards, we went to Liege for a spell before got on the bus with district 1630 to the Mine de Blegny.  Fun day.  Long day.  I try to stay up and watch tv with my host family to be a good exchange student but I always fall asleep.  First real day of school tomorrow….
a fountain at Place de Cathedrale in Liege

another fountain at Centre in Liege

We didn't take a train today, but this is Guillemins.  For the record.

Mine de Blegny!

About to board the elevators

closed the doors going down!

In the mine

that's ONE way to get down.  We took the stairs.

Pretty countryside in Blegny

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