23 September 2011

Friday! in Liège

This is a candy bar in the vending machine at school.
It has a bit of cracker and raisin in it.  And it's all in French or Dutch.
It's necessary to go to Liège Fridays.  To see friends from school, and other exchangers.  So I went.

I missed my bus (27) on the way to Liege after school by 1 second.
I watched it drive away before me.  So I took the very next bus
to come (2).  I think it might have taken about 20 minutes longer
than the bus I could have taken had I been on time. 1h20m.  I was
pretty mad.
This was painted on a wall in a bar, so I took a picture, being
Tennessee boy and all.

We did not dine here, but I wanted to share with you
the beer and wine selection at the local Pizza Hut.
This is the national (snack) food of Belgium, whether officially
or not I'm not sure.  But they love their frites.  And so do I!
With mayonnaise for dipping of course.  And in the wrapping is a
gyro (in a tortilla... but there was pita bread, I just didn't know
how to ask for it!)

Bêtise avec des amis.  Rachel is from New Zealand.

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