07 September 2011

Sep 6 On Speaking French/ US@Belge football match

      I remembered another thing that I wanted to say!  People tell me I have no accent here, which is of course SUPER for my confidence, but I still speak slowly and my cadence is slightly unnatural.  My host mother pointed this out when she noticed that I elongate some syllables just as I please, for example, I fill with “maaaiisss.”  In English, one definitely might fill with “buuuut,” but not in French.
       Also the lengths of syllables within words, which an English speaker might utilize for emphasis, are more rigid here (the example here was “merci” not “merrr-ci” or “mer-ciiiii”).  My host mother says I speak like I’m singing sometimes!
     Any correction I can get is well appreciated.

On a different subject, on the same theme of things one has remembered, I’ve remembered that when I gain weight, it goes to my thighs!  THEREFORE, I’ve decided not to TRY to gain weight.  Just to eat everything I like, and worry about weight back in the states!

I’m going to refine my food statement even further.  I just love to eat here.  It’s practically all I want to do.  And I’ll just leave it at that.  (finished my bag of waffles today)

We’re going to the Belge-US football match in Bruxelles tonight!  My closest exchange student neighbor from US is coming too!  I’m so excited!  Even though it’s the night before the first day of school.
the atomium in the park in Brussels same as the stadium

Bijschrift toevoegen


proof I was there!

final score!

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