08 September 2011

Second day of school

It was actually much more difficult than I had immagined.  Math first thing was not bad because I recognised the review material, and I could watch the board.  But I was so tired after that class that it got harder and harder throughout the day.  I started to feel lonely and scared because I don't feel that obligated to do well in the classes (I don't understand anyway),  but I don't know how the teachers will take it, since I respond so well to what goes on in the class.  I do have some friends, or at least some people who know I need help, so that's a huge start, but we don't have much to talk about right now because I'm brand new and have a limited vocabulary.  I just wanted to come home and EAT almost all day.  And I even had 3 free periods today and was still feeling sorry for myself.  But I eventually got picked up and there were muffins in the car waiting for me, and after that, things were fantastic.
        We talked a bit, made plans for the weekend, had supper, and then went out to see "Un Jour" with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.  It was really hot, and really sad, and really in French, but I still had a SUPER time!  I also ate a TON of belgian chewy candy and got a fun sugar high which led to funny bonding moments with my family (including an impression of different accents of English to see which one is easiest for them to understand, and a long discussion on the difference between thrillers and action movies, and which are better)!  I can't wait to see them again tomorrow!
      For the weekend, some exchange students are going to Bruxelles to celebrate an exchanger's birthday!  I'm leaving tomorrow, staying with a friend, and coming back Sunday.  Should be a blast!

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